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Diamond Art Faux Leather Bookmark with Tassel - Multi Color

Diamond Art Faux Leather Bookmark with Tassel - Multi Color

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This finished and sealed Diamond Art bookmark features lovely patterns, numerous flowers inlaid with rhinestones reflecting shiny luster in the light, and a tassel design that makes the bookmark more elegant, exquisite, and eye-catching. Suitable for both adults and children, it will make reading time fun and enjoyable. Purchase one to give a present or keep for yourself. Great present for a constant reader who wants something special to keep track of their place in the story.

What You Will Receive: One (1) Diamond Art Beaded Bookmark that has been finished and sealed. adorned and sealed for protection with lovely colored beads and stones.

Approximately 7.75” Tall x 2.5” Wide

No book included

NOTE: This is NOT a kit - this is a finished product

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